WaveOne Gold

Experience the Feeling of Efficiency & Flexibility

Since its launch in 2011, WaveOne Reciprocation set a new standard in root canal shaping – allowing most cases to be shaped safely and efficiently with a single file. And now, that standard continues as WaveOne evolves into WaveOne Gold.

The metallurgy is now visibly enhanced with a gold thermal treatment – combined with an optimized cross section, tip diameter and taper, it delivers even greater flexibility, resistance to cyclic fatigue and cutting efficiency. And, the file is now offered in four sizes to cover a wider range of canal morphologies. All together, these enhancements deliver a complete system for shaping, giving you greater performance.

To correspond with the enhancements of the file, the WaveOne family of products is going Gold as well. The four file sizes of WaveOne Gold are complemented by corresponding gutta-percha points, absorbent points and obturators. And, since it uses the same celebrated reciprocating motion, you can smoothly transition to WaveOne Gold with your current e3 or ProMark Reciprocating Motor.