QMix 2in1

Removes Smear Layer, Bacteria and Doubt
in One Easy Step

QMix 2in1 Irrigating Solution is a single solution used as a final rinse after bleach for one-step smear layer removal and disinfection.

Its nonantibiotic, premixed formula provides a “best practice” irrigation protocol in fewer steps for proven and effective irrigation made easy. Fast working, effective and affordable, QMix 2in1 irrigating solution delivers every reason to use it every case, every time.

Premixed and ready to use after NaOCl. Removes smear layer.1,2 Works in 60-90 seconds. Non-antibiotic. Affordable for every case. Oh, and by the way, kills 99.99% bacteria.3

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2. Gillespie M, Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine; Hatton J, St. Louis University Center for Advanced Dental Education. (2010 Independent Study, submitted for publication) Effect of novel irrigation solution on smear layer removal: an ex vivo study.

3. 99.99% bacteria* – Independently confirmed by Nelson Labs; Time kill study protocol #STP0158.1.1